Nail designs I've done, wish I could do, and love. Unless I directly posted it, assume it isn't mine. :)
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Blocked Green Plant Tendrils

Inspired by roaring the 20s, this manicure was created with shades from our New York Marquee collection by Raquel Nevarez. Here’s how to get the look:
1. Apply base coat then two thin coats of Take the A Train 2. Once dry, using a striper brush and I’ll Take Manhattan, paint a thin line down the middle of the nail 3. Starting at the base of this line created near the cuticle, paint a second line that slightly curves outward. You should end slightly off midpoint at the nail’s edge. Do this again on the other side, curving in the opposite direction 4. Fill this triangle in with I’ll Take Manhattan 5. Using a clean or new striper brush and Lullaby of Broadway, outline the middle triangle, making sure to keep the line very thin near the base until it flares out as your approach the edge 6. Apply top coat
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Clear〰Nude〰Black〰White〰Black❤️ for @tansyburlesque #naturalnail #gelnails #handpainted #meisfavorite

Went through a couple of designs this week before ending up with this one. Very happy with how they came out! Hope you guys like them!

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Multicolor Herringbone Nails!

Scaled Gradient with Sally Hansen Sear Sucker and Blue Crush