Nail designs I've done, wish I could do, and love. Unless I directly posted it, assume it isn't mine. :)
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Official Polish Addict!

taken during my NYC trip to visit Anna… by Anna. ❀ ~( ◕ ◡ ◕ )~ ❀
These are like belated birthday nails. My birthday was Tuesday, but I was so busy I only had time to throw on Essie To Buy or Not to Buy (which is the base for the pinkie in this look). It’s a fantastic color though so I was very pleased :) It’s one of those shimmer-in-the-bottle-nothing-on-the-nail polishes, but the shade is so lovely it made up for the disappointment. The glitter even gave it a tiny bit of a somewhat stonelike grainy texture.
No craft beer was consumed in NYC, but while in Philly I consumed ALL OF THE BERLINERWEISSES. It was the best.
Jun 5th 2012
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